Happy Halloween from Anderson Garage Doors! Each year we do a blog on different Halloween ideas. This year we are focusing on Unique, Reusable Halloween Decor! Here are a couple of ideas that are inexpensive, easy to set up and look super cute!



Decorate a Christmas tree in a Halloween theme. Pull out your artificial Christmas tree or go buy one at the store. Beginning in September many stores have their Halloween and Christmas items on sale. Start with some colorful twinkle lights such as purple, orange or lime green. Next, decide on a theme…Pumpkins, witches, ghosts or do a combination of your favorites. When you start looking around you will be surprised how many items there are to put on a tree. The dollar store is a great place to find inexpensive items. With wire, attach the items to the tree just like you do at Christmas. Silk fall leaves work great as a filler.

We use a small tree and put it on our front porch. Be sure to secure it so it doesn’t blow over in the wind. After Halloween is over, carefully store the decor items in a plastic container.  Once you make the initial purchases for your tree you can reuse the same items each year. It’s a fun, unique, reusable Halloween decor for children and adults.


Instead of carving pumpkins, just stick on wooden or plastic parts to create faces and animals. You can easily find patterns for Halloween cats, bats, skeletons, etc. Trace the design onto wood and using a scroll saw cut out each piece. Drill a small hole at the base of each piece and glue in a 1.5″ dowel.
Paint each piece. (be sure to spray with a sealer if you plan to put the pumpkins outside)  Now all you have to do is stick it in your pumpkin. Once you have the pieces made store them carefully and each year in a matter of minutes you can have your pumpkin decorated. Easy peasy!

This year I found plastic face parts at the dollar store. They came in a kit and each one was different. You just open the package and stick them in the pumpkin. Carefully remove them after Halloween, store them in a plastic container and reuse them every year. I did 4 pumpkins in about 10 minutes. You can mix and match the parts to create your own looks!  Put a few strands of twinkle lights around the base of the pumpkins and “wha-la” you have a quick and simple decor for your home or front porch!

I’m all for unique, reusable Halloween decor. You save money and time, it’s fun for kids and adults and can be used indoors or outdoors. Be creative and expand your collection each year. Start a new tradition with your family and design your own Halloween tree and original pumpkin designs. As always, contact Anderson Garage Doors for your garage door repair and installation. Happy Halloween!


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