classica garage doorMore and more homeowners are choosing a garage door color that makes their garage door stand out rather than blend in. Garage door manufacturers are now offering a much larger variety of colors including two-tone garage doors. Most garage doors face the street or front of the home and in some cases are the most noticeable part of the home. Using multiple colors can greatly enhance the appearance of your entire home and add curb appeal.

Where do I get two-tone garage doors?

The Amarr Classica Collection comes in many two-tone options– 42 two-tone color combinations to be exact!  It also features 6 base door colors and 8-panel colors. These colors are available in all designs and constructions of the Amarr Classica Collection. They are factory painted and maintain the Classica finish warranties.

Do the doors come in different styles? 

The Amarr Classica Collection comes in 7 different door styles with 10 different window options. This gives you a total of 84 different designs to choose from. All of these can come in the two-tone paint option. Each door and window style is unique and can easily complement any house aesthetic. The Amarr Classica also comes in a single layer, double layer, and triple layer construction or in other words–non-insulated, vinyl back insulated and steel back insulated. R-values range from 6.64 to 13.35.

How do I know what colors to choose?

Amarr, also know as Entrematic have some great features on their website, Go to their website and choose Residential doors, Carriage House, then Classica Collection. Once you are there you will be able to check out the gallery for great looks in two-tone garage doors. The Style Guide will show you every style option available. My favorite feature is the Door Builder. There you can build different combinations including style, color, and windows until you find just the right one for you. Add them to your favorites and share with family and friends.

Are there any other color options other than what is listed? 

Yes!! Amarr has teamed up with Sherwin William to create the Amarr Color Zone. You can seriously choose from more than 600 colors! Now you can exactly match your home’s shutters, trim or front door; or you can make a bold statement on your commercial building. In a multi-step process, your chosen color is applied as a top coat to Amarr pre-painted, galvanized steel sections giving your door one more layer of protection. Just go to your local Sherwin-Williams and ask for the Amarr Color Zone SnapDry paint. Once you have chosen your colors, contact your Amarr garage door dealer and they can help you order your garage door in the colors you have chosen or you can paint the door yourself.

Choosing colors for two-tone garage doors doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually quite fun and exciting! Be creative and choose something that inspires you and reflects who you are. We at Anderson Garage Doors are here to help you. Enhance the appearance of your entire home with two-tone garage doors!

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