Traditional Garage Doors

As spring approaches, we are again seeing many new homes popping up around Cache Valley.  Home styles are becoming more and more unique and our customers are starting to put more thought into the type of garage door they want. Despite a wide variety of new, beautiful, exciting garage doors, our best sellers are still the traditional style garage doors. Some things just never go out of style! Although these garage doors have the traditional look, there have been many improvements made to these garage doors over the years,  including higher R value, thicker steel, safeguard pinch protection and more color options. Traditional garage doors also offer new window and panel options while maintaining their beautiful traditional flavor.

A traditional garage door typically has 5 basic styles: Short panel (small raised squares), long panels (raised rectangles), flush (completely flat), ribbed (deep grooves), and the recently added beadboard (beadboard lines in the short or long raised panels). These 5 styles can work with virtually any house design. Traditional garage doors can come in open-back or non-insulated, vinyl back-insulated, and steel back-insulated. Traditional garage doors are by far the most economical and the most popular. Take a drive around town and you will see that many of the beautiful homes, both old and new, have traditional garage doors.

The color choice can make a traditional garage door look very expensive. White is definitely the most common color, but almond and sandstone aren’t far behind. Other available colors are dark brown, hunter green, charcoal gray and black. If you really want to make your traditional garage door stand out then try one of the woodgrain colors – golden oak, walnut or mahogany. They look like real wood, but are durable steel that is easy to maintain. Woodgrain colors add a tremendous amount of curb appeal and character to your home. You can also get your garage door powder coated in any color you want. The possibilities are virtually endless.

In recent years, many new options for adding windows to your garage door have been made available. Some of these options include Decraglass, which is tempered obscure with baked-on ceramic designs, and Mosaic windows, which are plain glass windows that can be placed anywhere in your garage door. You create your own design. Add glass windows to a few panels, or all the panels! Your traditional inserts can be painted to match your garage door or painted to add contrast. Garage door windows can also be added later if you can’t decide right now.

Between all the door styles and window options available, there are nearly 130 different combinations to choose from. Can you believe that? And that doesn’t include adding color to the mix. You can even add decorative hardware to give it a carriage style look. Just because it is a traditional garage door certainly doesn’t mean it’s boring or old. Traditional garage doors are classic and have stood the test of time. Check out the traditional garage doors on our website and create the look you’ve always wanted for a price you can’t beat!

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