Staining Your Metal Garage Door

After years of rain, snow, and hot sun does your garage door look faded and worn out? Are you ready to give your garage door a make-over? Consider staining your metal garage door. With just a few tips and not much money you can give your garage door a beautiful faux wood finish. From the street no one will know it isn’t real wood.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning your garage door using warm, soapy water and a stiff brush. You may have to wash the door several times to get it completely clean. Then wash with a vinegar solution to remove any grease, and finish with a rinse from the hose. Allow the garage door to completely dry. If you have a PVC weather-stripping installed around the door you might want to remove it to avoid getting stain on it.

You should be able to find the right kind of stain at your local paint store. Gel stain is recommended over conventional stain because it has a thicker consistency and won’t run or drip as easy. A matte finish is preferred over a high-gloss finish. Choose a color that will compliment the other exterior colors on your home. I would suggest doing a color test on a small section of the garage door before beginning. Allow the test area to dry completely. If you like the color then you are ready to begin the staining process.

When staining your metal garage door be sure to use a good quality brush. Do not shake the gel stain or it will bubble as you apply it. These bubbles are permanent and can ruin the finished look. Instead, gently stir (don’t whip) the gel stain with a stir stick. Begin staining all the recessed areas, then follow up on the flat surfaces. Always go the direction of the wood grain pattern on the door. Gel stains dry quickly so plan on doing this project in the cool part of the day or when the door is in the shade. Once the first coat is done let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. If you began with a garage door that was already dark-colored, one coat may be sufficient. If you have a lighter door you will need a second coat. Apply the same way as the first coat, then let it completely dry.

You will need to determine whether or not you want to apply a clear coat. In researching this subject I have found that most do not apply a clear coat, but in some cases it would be necessary. If you choose to do so, you can use a water-based polyurethane clear coat or an oil-based coat. Be sure the gel stain is completely dry before you begin or it will bubble. You will want to do at least two coats.

It’s amazing what a simple DIY project like staining your metal garage door can do to increase the curb appeal and completely change the look of your home. This project is simple to do, easy on the budget, and will produce gorgeous results that will last for years to come. If you are not the DIY type but are still looking for a beautiful steel garage door that looks exactly like wood, contact us at Anderson Garage Doors. We can help you find the perfect look at a great price. We will do all the work and you can sit back and relax. We have a huge variety of different colors and door styles to choose from. It’s as easy as a phone call!




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