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Spring is on its way and now is the perfect time to spruce up your garage door.  These simple, quick and low cost tips can add beauty and curb appeal to your garage door. Your garage door is the biggest and most prominent opening on your home. Your weekend project can make a big difference for years to come.


Clean your garage door

Gather up your cleaning supplies: a bucket, gentle detergent (such as car-washing soap or dish washing soap) soft rags and a hose. Begin by wetting down the surface of the garage door. Gently scrub down the door with warm soapy water. For stubborn grease spots try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or Scrubbing Bubbles. Rinse the door completely and allow to air dry or wipe it off with a soft rag. If you garage door is faded or dingy try using a good quality car wax. You will be surprised how shiny and new your garage door will look. Don’t forget the garage door windows. To clean the windows use a soft oil free rag, window cleaner or a vinegar mixture.

Replace weatherstripping

After years of abuse from rain and sun your weatherstripping can become faded, brittle, chipped and start to tear off. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and is an easy DIY project. Contact your local garage door dealer and order the color of weatherstripping that works best with your garage door. There are many different colors to choose from and it is also paintable. Some homeowners match their garage door and others match the trim casing that is around the garage door opening. If you don’t have weatherstripping we would suggest getting it. It keeps out debris and bugs, saves energy and gives your garage door a more polished look.


Replace bottom seal

Bottom seals become damaged in the winter when ice forms at the bottom of the garage door. The seal freezes to the ground and when the garage door opens it tears and pulls out. The purpose of the seal is to protect the garage door each time it opens and closes. It is also used to close the gap between the door and the ground. Replacing garage door bottom seals is a simple process and can be done as a DIY project. Just make sure you have the correct seal for your door. Call you local garage door dealer and have them help you identify which kind to use.

Add a window section

A great way to spruce up your garage door is to add a section of windows. Most home owners don’t realize that you can add windows to an already existing garage door. Each door brand has windows specifically made for that door so it is important to know the make and model of your garage door, dimensions, color and whether the door is insulated or not. This is a job for a professional to install. Contact your local garage door dealer for window options, glass options and colors. Let your dealer order the window section for you so you get the exact right fit. Adding windows to your garage door brings light into your garage and enhances the curb appeal of your home.

Paint your window inserts or get a new design

If your garage door already has a window section it most likely has plastic window inserts. These inserts create the design in the window. If your inserts have yellowed or faded over the years consider painting them. A new trend is to paint the inserts a coordinating color instead of matching the garage door. For example, if you have grey or black trim on your home and your garage door is white, paint the inserts grey or black to match the home trim. Check out pictures on Pinterest to get some ideas. Most inserts just pop out for easy painting but beware, the plastic can become brittle and break. You can order new window inserts is so many different styles. Change it up by adding a new design that is more current. New inserts can transform your garage door from dull to dynamite! Contact your dealer for options.

Add decorative hardware

Decorative hardware has come a long way over the years.  Hinges, handles, knockers and clavos come in many different styles and are now made from different materials. Our favorite is the new magnetic hardware. Installation is easy and requires no drilling or tools. This gives you the option to try different placements until you get it just right. Change a traditional garage door into an old fashioned Carriage style door just by adding decorative hardware. There is quite a price range depending on the material it is made of. Check with your local garage door dealer for prices and style options.

Paint your garage door

If you really want to make an impact, paint your garage door! Home owners aren’t sticking to the traditional colors anymore. They are making their garage doors a work of art. Now you can coordinate your garage door with your shutters, trim and front door. We suggest Sherwin Williams Snap Dry paint. It comes in over 500 color choices! If you just have a few scratches and don’t want to paint the entire door you can also order touch up paint from your local garage door dealer. If you aren’t sure of the color have the dealer bring color samples to your home to help identify the exact match. If your garage door is old and a bit faded be careful touching it up. It might not blend well enough. Next time you are traveling pay attention to all the new garage door colors. It just might inspire you to spruce up your garage door with a new exciting color.

Anderson Garage Doors can help you spruce up your garage door. Just give us a call at (435) 752-6677with any questions, color sample needs, window options, etc. We are always happy to help! In a quick weekend you can become the best looking house on the block! Let us help you kick off spring with a beautiful new look.


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