Side mount jack shaft garage door openers can be a great solution when you have a garage with low headroom leaving you no space for an opener or if you have a high lift door where a ceiling mount opener won’t work. Side mount jack shaft garage door openers have a sleek, space saving design and mount high on the wall next to the top of the garage door near the torsion spring shaft freeing up ceiling space. These openers work great if you have vaulted or slanted ceilings or a tall RV that doesn’t leave room for a regular opener.  Only 7 inches beside the door is required. At Anderson Garage Doors we use LiftMaster opener products. LiftMasters quiet, smooth running openers can be used for residential or commercial applications. They come equipped with Security+2.0 technology which gives greater security for your remote codes. The opener actually changes the code each time you use it keeping you and your family safe. LiftMaster side mount openers also come with MyQ technology which allows you to operate your opener remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer. So, if you are away from home and need to open or close your garage door you can do it with a touch of your finger! It also features the timer-to-close feature. Set the timer to automatically close the door for you. No more driving around the block to make sure you shut your garage door! One more great feature is a reliable back up battery so you don’t have to worry about encountering a power outage. Side mount Jack shaft openers are reasonably priced making them an easy choice. At Anderson Garage Doors we want to help you solve all of your garage door and opener needs and side mount jack shaft garage door openers can do just that! 

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