garage door decorative hardwareCarriage-style garage doors are beautiful and unique. Each year there are new and exciting custom designs unveiled, giving the customer literally hundreds of options. Some styles are simple, while others are complex combinations of multiple paint colors and intricate wood overlays. And the door styles are not the only part that has changed. You now have more options for the decorative hardware as well. The hinges, handles, clavos and knocker rings add that special final touch to ultimately give the garage door that old fashion carriage-house look. Almost all decorative hardware is black with a hammered finish to appear like authentic old hinges and handles, but with the trending black and dark charcoal garage doors, the dark hardware is barely noticeable. How can we solve this problem? It’s easy! Try painting your garage door decorative hardware.

Remove the hardware from the garage door and make sure it is clean. Hardware manufacturers recommend using ‘Rust-Oleum Universal Paint and Primer in One’ for the best results. Choose a color that will keep that authentic look such as a silver, bronze, or steel. There are many colors to choose from. Before painting your garage door decorative hardware be sure to grab some color sample cards and hold them up to your garage door to make sure the color stands out enough. Once you have decided on a color, in only a matter of minutes you can transform your hardware into a work of art. Once the hardware is dry, attach it back on the garage door. Then stand back and see how such a simple change can make such a beautiful difference!

Here at Anderson Garage Doors, we love the magnetic hardware. It gives you the freedom to remove and place it in different areas on the door without leaving permanent holes. The magnetic hardware comes in many different styles, and you can now get clavos (a decorative nail head) too! If your garage door is a prominent feature to the front of your house, try adding decorative hardware to give it that classic carriage-house look. Painting your garage door decorative hardware is inexpensive and an easy DIY project. It can turn a drab door into a fab door instantly. You can purchase hardware kits at your local hardware stores, on-line or through Anderson Garage Doors! We’ll help you find the perfect decorative hardware for your garage door.

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