New Year Resolutions For Your Garage


It’s the beginning of an exciting new year and time to set some new goals. When planning out your year don’t forget the new year resolutions for your garage! We at Anderson Garage Doors are here to help you out with that. We have some great suggestions and fun ideas that can certainly motivate you to make this year your best garage door year ever!

garage sale logan ut1 – Lose some weight…by de-junking your garage! Every garage eventually turns into a storage unit for unwanted or unused items. Even though we have the best intensions, it’s all too easy to put on some extra garage weight by stacking things in corners. Start out this year by de-junking. Move out your vehicles and begin by making piles of what to keep, throw away and give to charity. You might be surprised just how much garage weight you have put on! But this weight can easily be lost in just one hard working day! Consider having a garage/yard sale for big ticket items. After making a trip to the landfill and to the charity of your choice, don’t forget to stop for a treat! You deserve it!

2 – Get back into shape… by re-organizing your garage! Now that you have de-junked, it’s time to re-organize. Once again move out your vehicles so you have space to move around. Begin by taking an inventory of what you have. Consider adding cabinets (used cabinets work great) or shelving. Have you ever thought of building a loft in your garage? Bikes, boats and paddle boards can be hung from the ceiling using a pulley system. Your garage will stay organized if everything has a place. Labeled bins can be stacked and hooks on the wall can keep brooms, shovels and other yard tools off the floor. Put the most used items in the most convenient spots for easy access. There are tons of ideas on the internet to help you reach your goal. You’ll be amazed how much room you actually have when you are done! What’s next? Go to the movie and celebrate your success!

3 – De-stress… by cleaning up your garage! Spring house cleaning should include your garage too. Brush out cobwebs from the corners, wipe down walls, wash windows and of course wash down the garage door with dish soap and warm water. Don’t forget to wash the floor. Adding casters/rollers to large items such a fridges, freezers, cabinets and such can make clean up so much easier. It’s a low cost way to make a hard job super easy. Now step back and look around. Would a new garage floor help keep the room cleaner? There are many options from vinyl flooring to garage floor paints. You might need to replace or lower the rubber astragal at the bottom of the garage door to keep leaves, critters and dirt out. Add some windows to your garage door and let in some natural light. Now take a deep breath and let the stress go! Your half-way to accomplishing your New Year Resolutions for your Garage.

4 – Save money… by keeping up on garage maintenance!  Call Anderson Garage Doors to come out and do a bi-yearly maintenance, or try a few of our DIY suggestions. Begin by lubricating the rollers, hinges and torsions springs. Buy garage door lubricant at the local hardware store or use WD40. Check that all nuts and bolts are secure along the tracks. Lubricate the garage opener rail. Be sure to get the correct lubricant for this. Ask us at Anderson Garage Doors or google the brand of opener you have. Check the bottom rubber astragal and the side and top weatherstripping for rips and tears. Consider adding insulation to your garage door. This keeps the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. It saves money all the way around. The insulation has a hard vinyl backing which gives your garage door a fresh clean look. Contact us for insulation kit pricing. Don’t know what to do with all that money you just saved? Create your garage wish list!

5 – Get a make-over… by creating a garage wish list! Your garage is one of the most used rooms in your home. Now that it is de-junked, organized, clean, and in good repair, you can work on a garage make-over! Just painting the walls with a fresh coat of light paint can make a big improvement. A popular trend is to paint the garage door a bright color such as red, teal or green. It might seem a bit crazy but check out the pictures on Pinterest and you will see how great it looks. We at Anderson Garage Doors love the beautiful Carriage Style woodgrain doors. You have tons of options in windows, styles and colors. You could also try one of our newest garage door openers with wifi and battery back-up. Use your phone to open and close the door from anywhere in the world! You can also turn the lights on and off. Did you know you can add windows to an already existing door? We would love to help you identify your door model and help you add new windows. The possibilities are endless and beautiful. Let’s get that wish list going!

We hope our New Year Resolutions for your Garage can help inspire you to achieve your garage goals! We at Anderson Garage Doors are here to help in any way possible. Have a Happy Happy New Year!


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