A garage isn’t just for parking vehicles anymore. More and more people are using their garage for a workspace, gym and extra living space. Having a well-lit garage space is important. Many homeowners have been putting LED bulbs in their existing openers causing their openers to malfunction and the remotes to quit working. This is due to the opener not being set up for the use of LED bulbs. Many LED bulbs will interfere with the electronic radio frequencies. Even LED lights in your garage or rooms nearby can effect openers. So to solve the problems, LiftMaster, the leading manufacturer of garage door openers, developed the new LiftMaster WLED Opener with LED lights built in. This amazing opener lights every corner of your garage and has many top features, making it one of the most popular openers this year.

WLED Liftmaster Opener The new LiftMaster WLED Opener with LED lights was specifically engineered with corner-to-corner lighting to help distribute light evenly throughout your entire garage. This new lighting system has long-lasting LED bulbs, giving you 3100 lumens of bright daylight-like lighting. You won’t believe the difference it makes. Vice President and General Manager of Residential Access Solutions for LiftMaster said, “As homeowners look to make the most of their garage, lighting plays an important role in increasing the functionality and quality of the space. The WLED provides homeowners with an all-in-one device that combines superior lighting, smart home technology and battery backup to help further maximize the value of their garage.”

Let’s talk about the features:

HOME CONNECTIVITY:  The new LiftMaster WLED Opener with LED lights easily connects to your home network with built in WiFi powered by MyQ technology.  When you link to the MyQ app you can open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world using your smart phone and also receive alerts if your garage door is left open.
You can set a recurring schedule to close your garage door or turn lights on and off. You can also link your MyQ app to popular smart devices for more enhannced garage control options such as voice control.

POWER AND PERFORMANCE:  The DC Motor Belt System is ultra quiet to ensure comfortable living spaces near the garage. It features a soft start and stop operation that will extend hardware life and reduce maintenance. This extra strong belt drive system comes with a lifetime warranty of the motor and belt, 5 years on parts and 1 year on the battery. A battery?? Yes this opener has Integrated Battery Backup allowing you to get in and out when the power’s out.

SECURITY AND SAFETY:  This opener features Security+ 2.0 so every time you click your remote a new code is sent to the garage door opener making it impossible for anyone else to have the same code. It also has Automatic Garage Door Lock Capablility making it virually impenetrable. The Protector System safety sensors stop the door from closing on obstructions protecting people and vehicles. The Timer to Close feature lets you program the door to close after a set amount of minutes and sends audible and visual warnings when the garage door is about to close. The new Liftmaster WLED Opener with LED lights also has a built it Motion Decector so when you enter the garage the lights automatically turn on illuminating the entire garage.

This new opener is amazing and complete with great features, but what if you have an opener that works great and you don’t want to buy the new one? In that case, depending on your opener brand, you may be able to purchase LED lights made especially for your opener that will not cause interference. Genie, LiftMaster, CRAFTSMAN, and Chamberlain have all developed LED bulbs that will work in your opener. They are a bit expensive, but less than the cost of a new opener. To read more about LED lights and opener interference read our blog titled LED Lights in Garage Door Openers found on our website Anderson-Doors.com.

Fully illuminate your garage from corner to corner with the new LiftMaster WLED Opener with LED lights. It will change how you think about your garage space. We at Anderson Garage Doors would love to give you a quote. Just give us a call and we will be right out to help “brighten” your day!

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