New Garage Door Paint Options

Whenever I travel around the country, I always notice all the unique garage door styles and colors. It’s interesting to see the trends that dominate certain parts of the country. I recently visited the midwest and was surprised how many homeowners painted their garage door to match their siding. I saw so many different colors that I would never have expected to see on a garage door, but they looked wonderful! I started looking for some new garage door paint options to share with our clients. We sell a lot of Amarr garage doors, and they launched a new program last year called “Color Zone”. As part of this program, Amarr has teamed up with Sherwin Williams, creating many new garage door paint options.

Amarr Color Zone

Color Zone lets you embrace your inner designer. More and more colors are being added to the list each year. Right now there are 87 red options, 28 orange, 76 yellow, 52 green 62 blues, 112 purples and 145 neutrals in the Sherwin Williams Snap Dry paint. That’s over 500 choices! I truly wouldn’t have considered painting my garage door Amalfi Teal until I saw it with my own eyes. It looks awesome! (See the posted picture). Now you can coordinate your garage door with your shutters, trim and front door. Sherwin Williams Snap Dry paint works on all exterior surfaces.

This is how it works for a new garage door. Pick the garage door you want to order, then choose from any of the Sherwin Williams Snap Dry paint options. In a multi-step process, your chosen color is applied as a top coat to Amarr pre-painted, galvanized steel sections. The second coat adds another layer of protection to your garage door. This paint is dirt and UV resistant and doesn’t show finger prints. It’s that easy! Your new garage door is ordered and is professionally painted in the color you want. Of course there is a bit of a charge for this but if you aren’t a DIY person then this is a great solution for you. If you are a DIY person then you can purchase the Snap Dry paint at Sherwin Williams and give your garage door a new spring color lift yourself! There are a few exceptions as to what kind of door can be painted, so be sure to ask your Amarr dealer or paint expert before purchasing.

Why you should paint your garage door

If your older existing garage door has scratches, is weather worn or faded, and you don’t want to purchase an entirely new garage door, you can now re-paint it or touch it up with the original color. Amarr Color Zone and Sherwin Williams developed color matches for all Amarr residential and commercial solid steel garage door colors. The formula is listed in the Sherwin Williams Database. Just head to your nearest Sherwin Williams paint store with the color of your original garage door and they can mix the color there. If you aren’t sure of the color, we at Anderson Garage Doors will bring color samples to your home to help identify the exact match. Even if you don’t have an Amarr garage door, we can help you identify the color, as many garage door companies paint their garage doors in similar paint colors. We can virtually always identify the door make and exact color for you.

We are excited about the many new garage door paint options. You can have it done at the factory of do it yourself. It’s easy and it’s fun! Adding color to your garage door will really change the look of your home. Next time you are traveling, pay attention to all the different garage door colors and styles. It will really motivate you! Don’t forget to give Anderson Garage Doors a call for any of your garage door needs!

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