One of the most popular garage door trends are the glass panel doors. You’ve probably noticed them on contemporary style homes, office buildings, and restaurants. Many homeowners love the look but aren’t quite sure how it would look on their traditional-style homes. North West Doors has a line of glass panel doors that come with many different options, and can look amazing on any style of home. Modern Classic garage doors have been around for a while but recently they have added new designs and colors. The most common look is the black, bronze or silver looking aluminum frame with dark or frosted glass. Today I am excited to introduce new wood grain frames and wood grain panels. It gives the Modern Classic garage doors a warm look contrary to the stark contemporary industrial look. Let me share some information about these awesome doors.

wood garage with windows


Moderns Classic garage doors are constructed of heavy-duty commercial-grade aluminum stiles and rails. The joints are mechanically fastened, making the 2″ thick frame extremely strong. The joints are tongue and groove so everything fits perfectly. You also have the option of upgrading to an insulated door frame and insulated glass. R-values range from 3.8 to 4.6. The doors come in many widths and heights to accommodate nearly every opening requirement.


The frames come in 11 different colors: clear anodized (silver-looking), dark bronze anodized, and black anodized. The new wood grain line includes light ash, dark ash, light cherry, dark cherry, light fir, dark fir, mahogany and dark walnut. These maintenance-free frames come in 30 different design options – big glass panels, smaller glass panels, short panel, long panel and full horizontal panels to name a few. Many homeowners are matching their garage door windows to their home and entry door windows creating a very cohesive look.


The type of glass you choose is very important. The cost of the Modern Classic garage doors varies greatly depending on your glass choice. If your bid seems extremely high you might want to reconsider a different color of glass. There are 15 different glass options from 1/8″ to 1/2″ including insulated glass.  If privacy is your top concern then choose from several laminated, obscure and tinted glass options. If color matching is important choose from several colors such as Greylite, Solar Cool Bronze, Bronze and Mirrorpane.


Many home and business owners choose to have a solid panel at the bottom of their door instead of glass. You can place these solid panels anywhere in the door to create very unique styles. The Modern Classic garage doors have 10 panel options including the new beautiful wood grain options. You can even get partial open air aluminum panels for ventilation. The open air panels look like a metal screen with perforated aluminum diamond cut style or perforated holes in varying sizes. If you really want to stand out, use a combination of the solid color or anodized finish on the door frame and a wood grain finish on the aluminum panels, or vice versa. From the standard selection of finishes they have a total of 64 combinations to choose from.

To view the Modern Classic garage doors you can go to the North West Doors website and see their gallery of different Modern Classic doors or just google “Modern Classic Garage Door Brochure”. Modern Classic garage doors are virtually maintenance-free, time-tested, strong, durable and beautiful. The new styles can blend well with any home aesthetic. Transform your home into a work of art by adding the amazing Modern Classic garage doors. We at Anderson Garage Doors would love to help you find the perfect door for your home. Contact us today to get started!

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