how to make your garage door look like woodWooden Carriage House garage doors are one of the biggest trends in the garage door industry this year. These beautiful garage doors add tremendous curb appeal and thousands of dollars to your property value. It will certainly get your home noticed! Many homeowners want to upgrade their existing, boring garage door but can’t justify spending the money for a new door when their current door works just fine. Creative people are continuing to come up with new and exciting ways to transform your old garage door.

One way that many people have found effective is to paint your garage door so that it looks like wood. We wrote a blog post about this a little over a year ago. There are a ton of paint kits available on the market that allow you to give your plain metal garage door a beautiful faux wood finish. If you don’t have experience with painting and that seems too difficult, call Anderson Garage Doors and we can give you a hand!

There is another method to transforming a garage door that will hopefully be released soon. A company known as GarageSkins has developed a cheaper way to transform your garage door that uses wooden panels that attach directly to your garage door. This product is not yet on the market. GarageSkins is seeking to raise money to then be able to launch their GarageSkins systems into the home improvement marketplace. You can learn more about their neat product at their website and their fundraising effort at

The last option that you can take if you want to have that beautiful wood garage door look on your home is to install a new door. While this is a much more expensive option, it looks amazing and will give you value that will last for years to come. While some people like real wooden garage doors, others choose to go with a faux wood garage door (made of steel) that requires less maintenance and is better in harsh weather like we have in Cache Valley. Here at Anderson Garage Doors, we carry a large variety of carriage-style wood garage doors. Take a look at our gallery to get some inspiration!

It is amazing how many different DIY options there are available to you to upgrade your garage door and increase the curb appeal of your home. These options for a wooden carriage house door will surely make your home stand out from the rest. Contact us if you have questions or want help getting started!


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