Low Headroom KitEach year we receive several calls from clients who want a garage door installed but don’t have enough head room clearance from the top of the door opening to the ceiling of their garage.  A typical clearance should be at least 12″.

At Anderson Garage Doors we offer a Low Headroom Kit which allows you to install a garage door with as little as 6″ head room clearance.  The Low Headroom Kit uses a double track system and the torsion springs are moved to the back which allows the garage door to move to its horizontal position using very little clearance.  What about your garage door opener? Once the Low Headroom Kit is in place any regular ceiling mount garage door opener can be installed.

Low Headroom Kit are perfect for garages, sheds, barns, well…pretty much anywhere you would hang a garage door where you have low headroom clearance. Anderson Garage Doors can help you decide whether or not you need a Low Headroom Kit. We will come and look at your building and discuss all of your options. We want you to have the convenience and security of a  garage door and opener and our Low Headroom Kit can help solve any problems with low headroom clearance.

Call us anytime at 435-752-6677 or visit our website at www.anderson-doors.com. We are trying to expand our business so please tell all of your friends and family about us!

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