LED Lights in Garage Door Openers

LED Lights in Garage Door OpenersDo you have an opener or remote that suddenly stopped working? Are the lights in the opener randomly flashing? Have your remotes lost their range? These complications could be caused by LED lights in garage door openers. Just like a cell phone or a remote-control car, a garage door remote works with radio frequencies. And just like any electronic device, certain things can interfere with those frequencies.

First of all check the batteries in your remote to make sure that isn’t the problem. Then consider checking the light bulbs in your opener or in items near your garage door opener. If any of them are LED lightbulbs, you may have found the problem. Common LED and CFL bulbs can emit interference that limits the range of garage door remotes. Most LED bulbs rely on frequencies around 300 MHZ and garage door openers rely on frequencies around 360 MHZ. These different frequencies can impact each other, or cross over each other, causing all kinds of problems.

Fluorescent lights have a shorter neck and sometimes don’t fit tight in the opener socket. The shaking of the garage door opener can cause the light bulb to only have partial contact which will cause the light to blink. Even things such as large LED Christmas displays outside your garage door can cause frequency problems. We have also found that wireless WiFi routers can create enough interference to stop a garage door opener from working. If your router is located near your garage door opener consider moving it to a different location in the house.These are all things to consider when having a sudden stop in your garage door opener, blinking lights or loss of range from your remotes.

LED Lights in Garage Door Openers

LED lights in garage door openers can cause annoying problems, but there are solutions! Depending on the brand of your garage door opener, you may be able to purchase LED lights made specifically for your opener that will not cause interference. Genie, LiftMaster, Craftsman and Chamberlain have all developed LED bulbs that will work in your opener. These bulbs have an opener and remote-friendly radio frequency that eliminates/reduces interference. These bulbs are more expensive but will solve the problem if you want LED lights in garage door openers. They are vibration and shatter resistant, bright, long lasting and cold weather tested. You can purchase them on Amazon or Home Depot.

Here at Anderson Garage Doors we are happy to come out and diagnose your opener and remote frequency issues and help you find the right lights to use in your brand of opener. LED lights in garage door openers can cause problems, but with a few simple changes everything can be up and running again.


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