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Imagine walking into a room in your home and with the push of a button, the entire wall disappears overhead. Using garage doors for the interior of homes is the new garage door trend. This idea isn’t new to everyone however. Retailers and restaurants have been doing it for years but not until recently have architects begun including interior garage doors in their home designs.

Many homeowners now use garage doors as retractable room dividers and gates to the outdoors. Garage doors can also be used as exterior walls, closet doors and in place of sliding glass doors. The possibilities are endless.

The goal is to let in the natural light and bring the outdoors into the home. Using contemporary aluminum and glass garage doors provides homeowners with great outdoor views as well as a cross-breeze throughout the home. This is extremely popular in coastal and mountainous areas where the scenery is especially spectacular. Homeowners can enjoy a panoramic view through an attractive wall of windows in any living space in their home.

Homeowners’ most popular choice is the garage door made of clear glass held in place by an aluminum grid system. It gives a clean, modern look for exterior and interior use. These garage doors come in a large variety of colors and offer tinted and frosted glass for privacy. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in the home. You just have to see it to believe it! Pinterest offers a large variety of photos using garage doors on the interior of homes. Check it out!

interior Anderson garage doorsUnlike the industrial-looking traditional doors that use springs, cumbersome rails, and electronic motors, new garage doors are now available that are track-less, spring-less and rail-less! This exciting new technology gives homeowners and home designers many more options in using garage doors on the interior.  You can see them as wall dividers in kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, closets and living rooms. When closed they offer privacy and sound control. When opened they create an expansive indoor space.

Using garage doors on the interior of your home is exciting! These garage doors can hug the ceiling as a traditional garage door would or climb straight up walls opening a space several stories high! Not only are they beautiful, they are also sturdy – made with the best quality insulated glass. You won’t feel drafts coming through or extreme heat. The cost range depends on size, type of glass and the company you work with.

If you want to truly impress your guests, consider opening up your home to the great outdoors by adding garage doors to the interior of your home.  If you or your home builder are considering installing this feature to your new or existing home, contact us at Anderson Garage Doors and we will be happy to lead you in the right direction!




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