How To Open A Garage Door Manually

We love the convenience of opening our garage doors with a simple click of a button, but there will most likely come a time when your garage door just won’t open. It could be during a power outage, your opener motor is having issues, or remote won’t work. To keep your family safe it is important that you know how to open a garage door manually. It’s essential for emergencies and will prevent you from getting locked out of your garage or locked in your garage.

Opening your garage door manually is simple and easy. All automatic garage door openers have an emergency feature that allows you to trip the trigger with a release cord so you can open the door manually. Just follow these few steps: 

  • Trip the Trigger
  • Lift the Door
  • Stay Manual
  • Reconnect

Trip The Trigger – Locate the cord (usually red) with a red handle on the end. It will be hanging from the center of the opener rail near the door. This is the manual release handle.The cord will be attached to a small lever which is spring loaded. Pull down on the cord until you feel the garage door disengage. The garage door is now is manual mode. WARNING: To be safe only use the manual release when the door is in the closed position. If the door is released when it is in the open position the door will come crashing down.

Lift the Door – You should now be able to lift up the garage door. If the springs are balanced the door will most likely stay open but there is a chance it will come crashing down so find something to prop it open with. During this time DO NOT let children or pets near the door. Once you have your vehicle in or out of the garage, carefully and slowly manually lower the garage door. Some doors are extremely heavy so it will be much safer to have an extra person to help you.

Stay Manual – If the power is going to be out for a long period of time, or if your opener motor is malfunctioning and you can’t get a professional to fix it right away, then you will need to keep the garage door in the manual mode. If this is the case be sure to pull the rope down towards the motor so it doesn’t get caught in the tracks.

Reconnect – When you are ready to reconnect your garage door simply pull down on the red cord again, but this time toward the garage door opening to prevent the lever from engaging. Now, roll up the door until it snaps back into place. Another option is to push the remote opener and that will force the spring attachment back into place.

At Anderson Garage Doors we specialize in Liftmaster Garage door openers. Many of the Liftmaster models come with a battery back-up so you can still operate the opener even if the power is out. Contact us to switch out your old opener for a new state of the art opener with battery backup. We want to keep your family safe. Review these steps on how to open your garage door manually with your family to avoid being locked in or out.

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