How to Clean Your Garage Door

spring clean your garage doorSpring is finally here! It’s time to start gearing up for spring house-cleaning. Your garage door is one of the largest, hardest-working surfaces on the exterior of your home. It deserves the same TLC that other areas of your home receive, yet it often gets neglected. Your garage door is used on a daily basis and is subject to all sorts of abuse. By taking the time to wash off the dirt, clean up the tracks, and inspect the mechanical parts, you can prevent future garage door issues and prolong the life of your door. Here are some helpful tips on how to clean your garage door:


First of all gather up your supplies. You will need a bucket, gentle detergent (such as car-washing soap or dish washing soap), soft rags and a hose. Other helpful supplies are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Scrubbing Bubbles, Everbrite Clear Protective Coating, and good quality Car Wax. For the windows you will need a soft rag and window cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water.

The Outside

Begin by wetting down the surface of the garage door with the hose. Be careful with pressure washers – they can be too strong at times and damage the garage door. Once the garage door is completely wet, gently scrub down the door with warm, soapy water. For stubborn grease spots that won’t come clean try using Scrubbing Bubbles. If the door has been scratched, gently rub those areas with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Rinse the garage door thoroughly and allow to dry. Always wash the windows after the final rinse and when the door is completely dry due to the fact that water drops can form under the window deco trim and drip down the windows causing streaks. To clean the windows use a soft rag, window cleaner or the vinegar mixture.

Garage doors can become faded and dingy overtime. To help protect against that try using a good quality car wax. Follow the instructions on the package. You will be surprised how shiny and new your garage door will look! Some garage doors appear to have a white film on them. In doing research for this blog I read about the product Everbrite. It is a durable clear protective coating that works great to restore the color and luster to faded garage doors. Everbrite gets rid of the white film and will protect the paint from corrosion, oxidation, acid rain and rust. It had great customers reviews.

The Inside

Now that the outside of the garage door is clean, don’t forget to do the inside too. Follow the same procedure as previously described. Again, be careful of pressure washers that might loosen parts or disturb the safety sensors.

It’s recommended that you clean your garage door twice a year. The build up of dirt and grime can get into the garage door tracks, as well as on the surface of the safety sensor lens, causing the door to not work properly. Use a clean rag to wipe out the garage door tracks and to clean the safety sensor lenses. Inspect the entire garage door for any loose parts or broken or bent components. Check the rubber bottom seal and also the outside weatherstripping. If you need a little assistance with this process, just contact Anderson Garage Doors for a complete garage door service and inspection. Now that you know how to clean your garage door, it’s probably a good time to expand your spring cleaning checklist to include the garage door!


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