Halloween Garage Door Decor

Really want to make your house stand out on Halloween? Try decorating your garage door! We’ve explored Pinterest put together some really fun Halloween garage door decor ideas that are sure to inspire your spooky side. Whether you are a DIYer or not, you can have a blast decorating your garage door. All you need is a little imagination and your garage door can be BOOtiful! See the links for further instructions.

“Simply Spooky”…   
Add a movie-inspired piece or a simple spider web to your garage door by using black vinyl or black construction paper and black electrical tape. Using the electrical tape make a giant spider web that covers the entire door then add a huge spider to scare all those who dare to visit. If you want to put this up a few weeks before Halloween, be sure cut the tape between the door sections so it doesn’t pull off when opening and closing the garage door. Place the spider in the middle of a section to avoid tearing. Trace a pattern of your favorite movie character on the black vinyl or construction paper and attach with the electrical tape. Jack Skellington or Pumpkin King are always fun and easy designs. If you have a dark garage door try covering it with white paper first. This idea is very inexpensive and full of spooky possibilities!


“Black Light Magic”…
With a can of black light hairspray and a hidden black light you can transform any garage door into scary Halloween message board. This Halloween garage door decor idea is quite simple yet very effective. Purchase the black light hair spray at your local beauty supply store or department store. Map out how big you want the lettering before spraying. After Halloween is over just wash off the hairspray with soap and water. Just like magic you can have a super cool garage door!

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“Monster Madness”…
Are you brave enough to enter this garage? Decorate the outside and inside of your garage, inviting little monsters to come in and get a treat! Cut monster eyes out of neon poster paper and cut sharp teeth using foam board to create the illusion of an open monster mouth! Place the eyes above the garage door on the house and attach the teeth on the top of the garage door opening. Then leave the garage door open and serve treats. This project can be used year after year. For a stronger more sturdy monster try painting  on plywood. Will your Halloween visitors dare enter?

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“Bats and Cats”…
If you have a garage door that you don’t use much, create a black vinyl fence in front of it. Use black vinyl or contact paper to create the fence and then add bats and cats! Create a template for the bats and cats then trace them on your vinyl or contact paper, cut and stick on the garage door. To re-use year after year make the design out of foam and attach with tape. Add a 3-D effect by making some of the bats in multiple layers to they stand off the garage door. Afraid to cross in front of a black cat?? This fun Halloween garage door decor will certainly keep those superstitious friends at bay.

“Silhouettes and Shadows”…
Silhouettes on a garage door with added hidden lights can be amazing but they take a bit more work. To create this idea you must first draw your pattern on paper then transfer to 3/16″ plywood. Using a Dremel saw cut out the designs. Next paint with black paint making sure to get all inside edges. Finish by taping lights to the back side. Keep all lights hidden. Connect all the silhouettes together so lights can be stretched across and cords won’t show. Attach with floor cleats or make a wooden stand on the back side. Use different colored lights to create shadow effects. This is a favorite and can be re-used year after year.

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For those of you who aren’t looking for more DIY projects to do, there are still plenty of ways to decorate your garage door this season. Try using banners, graphics and murals. These cover the entire garage door and give the illusion that your garage is coming to life! The price varies greatly depending on the material and where you purchase them. They can work on paneled roll up doors and flat doors. Attach with metal grommets, tape or magnets. Easy up and easy down! Many many different options make this Halloween garage door decor idea one of the most popular.

Keep it simple or create something spooktacular this Halloween. Anderson Garage Doors can lead you in the right direction.

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