Great Father’s Day idea!!

Do you have an old garage door opener and your remotes don’t work anymore?  Have you lost your remotes and can’t afford to buy a new opener? Anderson Garage Doors has the solution! Before buying a brand new opener consider a transmitter receiver kit. This is a small receiver that mounts on your original opener head which receives the transmitters (remotes) frequency to open and close the door.

The transmitter receiver kit comes with a receiver and 2 new remotes. This will work on any garage door opener model. It will also work on older openers too!  You can also purchase more remotes to use with the same receiver so everyone in the family can have a secure access to the garage and house.

Father’s Day is coming up and a transmitter receiver kit would make a great gift! If you purchase a kit Anderson Garage Doors will also include an 18 point inspection and service on your door. All this for under $100!  Let us help you solve your remote problems.  Call Anderson Garage Doors @ 435-752-6677 or find us at

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

895 Max - Garage Door Remote

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