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It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is cooling down, and the Halloween decorations are going up! How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Last year I went to California to trick-or-treat with the grandkids. Their neighborhood had an awesome idea that I want to share with you. Instead of going door to door to get candy, all of the neighbors decorated the inside of their garages. Each garage had a different theme. Everyone participated and it was so much fun. Here are some of the fun Garage Halloween Ideas.

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN PATCH – This garage was decorated with tons of pumpkins. Some scary, and some sweet; some carved and others painted. Kids in the neighborhood created their own pumpkin to add to the decorations. They added lights inside pumpkins and put purple and orange lights around the room. The pumpkins were displayed on tables of varying heights. Several of the pumpkins were filled with candy for the taking. They kept the over head garage lights off and put on some fun Halloween music. The kids loved walking through this cute pumpkin patch!

MAGIC IS IN THE AIR – This family draped red and white material down the sides of the garage resembling a carnival tent. Inside was a real magician! He did magic tricks for the young and old! At the end of each trick he would reveal a bowl of candy. This was one of the favorite garage Halloween ideas.

DONUTS, CIDER AND SPIDERS – If you wanted a donut and cider you had to make your way through a maze of spider webs and spiders. The entire front of the house and yard were covered in spider webs and spiders. Once you got to the garage entrance a big hidden spider would fall down from the ceiling. The spider was motion activated so nobody knew it was coming! The reaction of the kids (and adults) was so funny. Homemade donuts and warm cider were waiting – if you made it through!

FOOTBALL FEVER – This garage Halloween idea was all designed around football! They created a real sports man cave for all the “trick or treating” dads! There were couches, a huge big screen TV (playing a football game of course) team flags and just about anything football related. The home owners were dressed in their favorite team gear. They offered popcorn and soda pop as well as candy. This was one idea that got everyone cheering!

WITCHES BREW – If you dared to enter this garage you would find a group of witches sitting around a large black cauldron bubbling over with dried ice smoke. Inside the cauldron was another pot filled with candies. The inside pot was set above the dried ice so the kids would not get burned from the ice when reaching in for a treat. The garage was dark with only the light from the fire under the cauldron glowing. The fire was created with multiple strings of bright orange and yellow twinkle lights. The witches had practiced their best “witchy cackles” and were dressed in the most amazing costumes!

MUMMY MEAL – You could smell the excitement coming from this garage. A fire-pit-looking BBQ grill was filled with roasting hotdogs to share with cold and tired trick-or-treaters. The garage was decorated with mummies, skeletons and green twinkle lights. An adult mummy was filling Halloween cups with hot chocolate to warm cold hands. Another table was filled with buns and condiments along with fake fingers, skeleton bones, eye balls and other body parts! Ewwww but so yummy!

NIGHTMARE ALLEY – This fun garage Halloween idea was a favorite to young and old. This home owner set up a scary spook alley to walk through. They went all out incorporating some of the young adults in the neighborhood to act as some of the characters in those scary movies like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th.” Lots of screams and lots of fun and a Halloween treat if you actually came out alive!

INFLATABLE FRIGHTS – Several of the neighborhood garages used Halloween inflatables. Dragons, giant pumpkins ghosts and many others with blinking eyes and moving parts. It’s amazing what is available nowadays. Many inflatables can be purchased at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. You can also rent them for a very reasonable price. These inflatables could be seen all over the neighborhood which made the Halloween experience that much more exciting and fun.

MOVIES AND MUNCHIES – A huge movie screen was set up inside the garage with Halloween movies playing throughout the evening. When the kids needed a rest they could sit down and watch one of their spooky favorites. A large piece of carpet was rolled out onto the floor to provide a soft seat. Later when all the littles were in bed the young adults were invited to watch a movie that was a bit scarier. Such a great idea to keep the older kids safe and out of trouble!

DOOR DECOR AND MORE –  Some neighbors weren’t going to be home but took the time to decorate the outside of their garage doors in honor of the Halloween celebration. There are so many fun Garage Halloween ideas. Several had used garage door decals. Decals are a great because they can be used over and over, are easy to put up and take down and to store.  Check out my blog about Halloween Garage Door Decals. You can also see some great ways to decorate your garage for Halloween on Pinterest.

This year consider a neighborhood Garage Halloween celebration. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors, keep your kiddos safe and show your spooky decor ideas!

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