We at Anderson Garage Doors are always looking for new ideas and solutions to problems in the garage door industry. Each year garage door manufacturers develop exciting new products such as garage door openers with wifi, residential garage doors with insulated R-values up to R-19 and designs and colors that are hard to imagine. Many homeowners are using their garage space for much more than just an area to park their vehicles. The problem that arises is the lack of ventilation and light.  Homeowners and businesses want the option to let fresh air and light into their garage space without having to completely open their overhead door. Today I ran across a company that makes garage door windows that open. This product will definitely catch the attention of our customers.

These push out awning windows are made by Arm-R-Lite Door Manufacturing. The windows are made for aluminum and glass garage doors. They are available for both operational doors and fixed units. They are built to last and have exceeded the expectations of their customers. Arm-R-Lite garage door windows that open can be finished to match the door frame or you can get custom colors. They also come with screen options!

Your garage space can now get ventilation and light while keeping the garage door down and securely locked. The windows open hydraulically and seal tightly to prevent drafts. These push-out awning windows are easy to open and close and do not compromise the structure of the garage door.  Arm-R-Light is located in New Jersey so if you are interested in getting garage door windows that open you can contact them @ arm-r-lite.com or call 1-800-554-5816.

Garage door windows that open are a great idea and we hope that it catches on and can soon be available in our neck of the woods here in Northern Utah. We at Anderson garage Doors will do our best to keep you updated on the latest garage door products that can help make your life a bit easier!

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