Garage Door Weatherstripping

Now that winter is upon us, it is time to install garage door weatherstripping.

Your garage door is the largest opening in your home and can be a leading source of heat loss. Installing garage door weatherstripping can help keep out snow, rain, leaves and debris for many years to come. It also helps keep out flies, hornets and other bugs.

Garage door weatherstripping, or Gossen as some companies call it, is made from solid-core cellular PVC. This vinyl product consists of a rigid door stop and a flexible flap to seal out the weather. It is maintenance-free and will not rot, split, crack, warp or mold. Weatherstripping is available in a large variety of colors to make your garage door or other trim around your home. It is also paintable so you can get any desired color.

Visually Inspect your Garage Door
Most garage doors in Cache Valley have weatherstripping installed around the sides and top of the garage door with an astragal and retainer at the bottom of the door. If you do not have weatherstripping around your garage door it would be wise to get some installed. Most garage doors pull away slightly from the garage door frame, leaving small gaps where heat and cold can enter. Moisture can also enter if the gap is big enough. Visually inspect around the sides and top of the door when it is closed. One way to tell if you have gaps is to stand inside the garage with the lights off during the day. It you see light or feel a draft then weatherstripping is needed. Even though the gaps might be small you will still be letting in cold air in the winter and heat in the summer which results in higher energy costs to you.

How much will garage door weatherstripping cost me?
Weatherstripping, or Gossen, is very inexpensive and can be installed easily. Here at Anderson Garage Doors, we’re experts at installing garage door weatherstripping and we’d by happy to come by and do it for you. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also find tutorials online teaching you how to do it yourself. However, note that some garage door frames require a mitered corner, which we are happy to help with.

What are my color options?
There are many garage door weatherstripping colors including our new sleek black color. We can also get stained wood colors too. We at Anderson Garage Doors have color samples you can take to help you choose the perfect color. Not only does weatherstripping save you on energy costs, but it also adds curb appeal. With garage door weatherstripping, your garage door appearance will have a cleaner more polished look.

Now is the time to purchase and install garage door weatherstripping. Keep in what you want and keep out what you don’t want! Call us at Anderson Garage Doors for a free estimate and color samples. When the winter storms arrive, you can sit back and relax knowing that your garage doors are all sealed up!

You can count on Anderson Garage Doors for all you garage door repair needs! We’ve been in the garage door business for over 30 years, and we’re happy to help. 


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