Are you bulding a new home? Here are some garage door tips for new construction:
Begin by deciding on a budget. Garage doors can range dramically in prices so before you spend hours picking out a door, decide what you are willing to spend. Typically a Tradional looking garage door will be your cheaper choice. Carriage House and Modern Full View garage doors will be more expensive. Talk to your contractor about your allowance. You might need to make some adjustments depending on what you want.
Now go to our website: and look at our gallery. There you will get some great ideas on which kind of door would look best on your home. You might be suprised how many different styles there are to choose from. Then go to our residential area and click on the picture. A brochure will pull up will all the details of the door. You can print this off and show it to your contractor to get bids or call Anderson Garage Doors yourself and we would be happy to walk you through ordering a door.
Next decide if you want windows. If your garage doesn’t not have windows we suggest that you get a garage door with windows. Garage door windows bring in a lot of light which saves on electricity since you won’t need to turn on a light each time you enter your garage. Don’t worry about privacy, you can place the windows up high on the door or use obscured glass. There are many exciting window styles to choose from which can add beautiful curb appeal to your home.
Next decide on whether or not you want an insulated door. You can go with vinyl back or steel back insulated garage doors. Steel back insulated garage doors are the top of the line but aren’t as expensive as you might think. If you aren’t sure then we suggest getting quotes for non-insulated, vinyl back and steel back insulated so you can have a price range to choose from. You can read all about insulation and R-values on the brochures.
Finally choose a color. Garage doors come in a large variety of colors, from white to black and every thing inbetween. Some of our most beautiful garage doors come in wood grains. These doors look exactly like real wood doors but are actually low maintance steel. Anderson Garage Doors will be happy to bring over color samples so you can get an exact match to the trims on your home. Garage doors can also be painted if you need a specific color.
Here are a few more garage door tips for new construction:
If you are considering a garage door opener talk to your contractor about head room space. We have options for low headroom so don’t get frustrated if there isn’t enough space. We can certainly help you. If you have a tall RV or boat that needs a high lift garage door we can do that too! Jack shaft openers mount on the side wall leaving space for your tall toys!
Have your electrician wire for your garage door opener BEFORE sheet rocking. This saves on unsitely wires running across ceilings and down walls. This also helps if you have pets who like to chew on wires!!
Now you should be ready to order you new beautiful garage doors and openers.  Call us @ 435-752-6677 or go to our website “anderson-doors-com” and go to our contact page. Give us your measurements and we will help you find the perfect door. We will quote over the phone or we will come to the building site, take exact measurements, bring color samples and brochures and answer any of your questions.
We  hope these garage door tips for new construction has helped you mkae the building process a bit easier!






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