Garage Door Safety SensorsGarage door safety sensors are safety features that prevent your garage door from closing on objects, people and pets. This feature is designed to save lives and prevent serious injury when the garage door automatically closes. Safety sensors are located a few inches above the floor at each side of the garage door opening. When safety sensors are not connected and aligned correctly then the door will not move in the down direction. Most of the time garage door safety sensor issues can be solved with a quick “do it yourself” fix.

Here are some of the signs of sensors issues:

* Your garage door only goes down a foot then reverses and goes back up again.
* Your remotes wont work and your opener light is blinking
* You have to hold your wall button down the entire time the garage door is shutting.
If it appears that your sensors are not doing their job, troubleshoot the garage door sensors. Here are some DIY suggestions:
* With a clean rag, remove any debris from the electric-eye lenses on each sensor, including dust and cobwebs.
* Each sensor has a LED light on the exterior of the sensor. If one of the LED lights is blinking then the sensors needs to be
realigned. Loosen the nut that holds the blinking sensor. With your hand move the sensor in small increments until the LED light stops blinking. Then tighten
the nut again,or you can try to bend the bracket back into position. A solid light indicates that the sensor eyes are aligned and the circuit is complete.
* Make sure there is no wire damage including broken or chewed wires. Water can also damage sensors. Make sure there are no garden tools or other items
blocking the sensors from looking at each other.
* Test the garage door to see if it closes properly. If you are still having problems call Anderson Garage Doors for further assistance.

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