The look of a traditional garage doors has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Contractors and clients are beginning to recognize the impact a beautiful garage door can make when it comes to curb appeal, resale value and the overall appearance of the home. You are no longer limited to the same old, plain garage door selections. Garage door manufacturers are creating amazing new products with new colors, and unique design and window placement options. New this year are Garage Door Mosaic Windows from Amarr.

mosaic windowsGarage Door Mosaic Windows can totally change the look of your contemporary, modern or traditional garage door. The exciting part is that you, the client, have total control. You can decide where the windows are placed in your garage door, giving you the ability to match the other windows in your home and front entrance door. Doing so adds a new visual interest to your home. Most home designs place the garage doors as the most prominent feature at the front of the home, so it is important to have options that can reflect your personality and the aesthetics of your home.

What are Garage Door Mosaic Windows? They are windows that are put in place of the panels in your garage door. For example, if you have a traditional garage door that has the small square panels going across each section, you can place windows in those squares in any pattern you like. Mosaic windows can be used in garage doors that have short panel squares, as well as long/ranch panels. These garage door mosaic windows can also be put into contemporary flush doors and ribbed panel doors. The window glass can be clear or obscure and comes in short and long panels. Many homes are using garage doors as interior doors creating room dividers that can be closed or opened to the outdoors. Adding mosaic windows to an interior garage door adds a unique visual appeal and helps with resale value.

Amarr features Garage Door Mosaic Windows in many of there most popular garage doors such as the Olympus, Heritage, Stratford and Lincoln. These doors come in non-insulated, vinyl back insulated and steel back insulated. You can visit and look under “Traditional Doors” to find pictures of the many window placement options available to you. The possibilities are endless. Mosaic windows are less expensive and a great alternative to full view window garage doors.

The look of your garage door is definitely something to consider when designing your custom home or updating your existing home. Take a minute to check out all your options, including these exciting new windows. We at Anderson Garage Doors can’t wait to help you find a garage door that will add beauty and curb appeal for years to come!


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