Garage Door Holiday Decorating Ideas


garage door holiday decorating ideasDo you have holiday memories of driving through the neighborhood and seeing all the beautifully decorated homes? Let’s make your home the stand-out this year with these great garage door holiday decorating ideas!

A large portion of your home’s exterior is the garage door, but usually it gets forgotten when it comes to the holiday decorations. With just a little bit of extra attention, your garage door came become a beautiful part of your exterior decor. Whether it is simple or over-the-top, your garage door can add the “wow” factor for all those passing by or coming for a visit this holiday season!


1- Large Christmas Wreath    A large wreath is a simple yet classic way to add a touch of festive spirit to your garage door. You can add your personal touch with colorful bulbs, ribbon and battery-operated twinkle lights. Extra large wreaths can be purchased at many craft stores and online. Be sure to place it in an area where it won’t get caught as the door opens and shuts.

2- Wrap It Up   A very inexpensive way to decorate your garage door is by adding large pieces of ribbon and a big bow to look like a giant present. You can purchase large plastic ribbon at craft stores or try using strips of colored sheets. You can also use multiple strips of twinkle lights to create the same kind of idea. If you live in a dry area try attaching wrapping paper to cardboard then attach that to your door. There are lots of ways to create this fun look!

garage door holiday decorating ideas3- Lights and Garland  A string of Christmas lights is one of the most popular methods of decorating a garage door. Run them around the frame and then to really spruce it up, add some garland. It can be simple or elaborate. The colored lights will add a colorful glow to your garage door. If you have spot lights above your garage door or side lights, switch out the light bulbs to green or red bulbs!

4- Magnetic Letters  Spell out a simple holiday greeting on your garage door like “Merry Christmas” using magnetic lettering. The great part about this idea is that you can change it up anytime to say whatever you want– like “Happy New Year!” You can even make your message personal to show the personality of your family. Magnetic letters are reusable, inexpensive and easy to remove and store.

5- Murals  There are many holiday mural images available for garage doors such as Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees, Nativity scenes and many more. Murals cover the entire garage door and give drivers-by the illusion that your garage is a magical room full of Christmas surprise!  Full garage door murals come as full size magnets, decals, vinyl and other durable materials. You can purchase these at specialty shops or on Amazon. They are easy to put up and take down, and make a bold statement.

garage door holiday decorating ideas6- Projectors Another great garage door holiday decorating idea is to use a projector. With motion projectors you can create a spectacular show on your garage. Project images, fun holiday greetings or surprise your neighbors with an awesome light show! Outdoor projectors are waterproof and come with a built in timer and interchangeable lenses. You can even use the projector’s timer to change your slides.

7- Snowmen  If you want to build a snowman…do it on your garage door. Get some big pieces of vinyl and cut out eyes, a carrot nose, and a mouth! Next make a huge hat to go on the frame of your garage and top it with a bow to finish the look! This idea is simple, inexpensive and can been seen both day and night! All products can be purchased at craft stores or online already made! This idea is especially fun for the kids to help with!


Make some Christmas magic by using one of our great garage door holiday decorating ideas! Let your home reflect your holiday spirit!
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Anderson Garage Doors!




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