garage door brush seals anderson garage doorsGarage door designs are becoming more and more unique. New deeper grooves and bigger raised panels are added to help the garage door design be more prominent. Vinyl weatherstripping works great on doors with a flush edge but can leave gaps on doors with an uneven surface. Garage door brush seals provide complete protection of the interior of your garage and can largely extend garage door life. They close gaps providing a seal against insects, rodents, drafts, rain leakage, and dust. Brush seals are an inexpensive way to solve many garage door sealing issues.

Where do I put garage door brush seals?

Brush seals are meant to go around the entire perimeter of the door. The retainer attaches to the edge of the garage door frame so the brush lays against the edge of the door facing the center of the door. It can also be used at the bottom of the garage door in place of the rubber astragal. Garage door brush seals are used on residential and commercial garage doors, rolling doors and sliding-type doors.

How does it work? 

Thousands of nylon or polypropylene filaments conform to the irregular surface of the door to provide a complete seal. They can be ordered at different widths and can fill gaps up to 3″. Brush seals are flexible and will not impair the operation of the door. Garage door brush seals are proven to be 98.5% effective and can withstand extreme heat and cold.  They are made to last for years and work well in areas exposed to outdoor elements.

Can I install them myself?

There are many different companies that make garage door brush seals. Most are easily attached using a few screws that come with the kit. Some brands come as one unit with the brush attached to the retainer while others come separately where you first attach the retainer then slide the brush in the groove of the retainer. You can find installation videos all over the internet for all of you DYI-ers! Here are a few helpful tips: measure the largest gap size, be sure you have a flat surface on the frame of the door to install the retainer, and measure and calculate the position to install the retainer. This measurement will help you choose the correct brush size. Attach with screws about every foot to secure the retainer.

Where can I purchase garage door brush seals? 

Most hardware stores do not carry brush seals. The best place to find them is on the internet. Shop prices and read reviews to make the best-educated choice. A good brush seal will last for many years. If you want to skip the hassle just call your local professional garage door dealer and he can help you find the best product and install it for you.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to seal your garage door consider a brush seal. Proudly serving Cache Valley, we at Anderson Garage Doors can help you make your garage door space a lot more comfortable. We provide exceptional residential and commercial garage door installation. If your garage door needs attention or a little upgrade, experience our garage door repair service which utilizes the latest garage door openers, remotes, and accessories on the market. Just give us a call, we are ready to help!



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