Over the past few years we’ve had a number of clients who have wanted to add a window section to their old garage door. Adding windows can give an old door new life, enhance curb appeal, and help make the garage door blend in with the style of the home. Usually a window section can be purchased and easily installed in place of a plain section, but some doors are too old and replacement sections are no longer available. Yes, many traditional doors look extremely similar and it would seem as if you could simply use a close match, but each brand of garage door is made a little bit different. Garage doors have changed and improved over the years, including how the tongue and groove fit in between each section, as well as the depth of the doors. These little changes can create enough problems that it is impossible to get a replacement section that will be an exact fit for some older garage doors. To help out our customers, we did some research and found a solution: Faux Garage Door Windows!

There are several different kinds of faux garage door windows, including simulated windows that attach to the garage door section, magnetic windows, and vinyl door decals. We were surprised how many options there were and how easy they were to find. Just Google “faux garage door windows” and many options will pop up. Pinterest has tons of pictures showing before and after looks. We didn’t want to mislead our clients with a product that wouldn’t look good or stay on, but after doing a bit of research and reading reviews, it seems as if these faux garage door windows are really great!

Coach House Accents makes a simulated window section that screws onto your existing garage door section. The windows are made of plexiglass, and the textured frames can be painted to match your existing garage door or home color scheme. They are weather-resistant and feature screws that don’t rust and come with a 15 year finish warranty. The only down side is that there are a limited selection of styles and sizes. A set of 2 windows will fit on a small door and a set of 4 windows will fit on a double door. Prices start at about $100.

On Amazon we found Giani magnetic faux garage door windows. They are made of UV-resistant magnetic vinyl and will not fade over time. Each set comes with 32, 3.8″ x 6″ window panes. This is enough to cover a 2 car garage. You simply put 4 pieces together leaving a small space in between each one so the existing garage door shows through forming window panes. They only come in glossy back (to look like the glass) and there is only one style. From a distance your neighbors will think you got a brand new door! The price starts at $35.

Craftsman Style Vinyl Garage Door Window Decal kits can work on wood, steel, vinyl and composite door. They are made of high quality peel-and-stick black vinyl and will last for years. They come in standard sizes but can be trimmed to fit. Matte and Glossy black are the only colors available with matte being the most popular color choice. Each window grouping is 14.5″ x 7″ with a few different styles including an arched version. Search YouTube to find video tutorials on how to apply. These decals start at $30 a set. We aren’t quite sure how these will look but they have great reviews. At such a low price it’s definitely worth trying them out.

With faux garage door windows, anyone who wants windows in your old or new garage door can have them! Who knew that such a fun, inexpensive idea existed? It’s amazing what people think of these days! Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your garage door and add some exciting curb appeal. We at Anderson Garage Doors are here to help. Give us a call to help you solve your garage door needs.





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