Do I need to replace both garage door springs?

Your garage doors are probably going up and down multiple times a day. Torsion springs are necessary to allow the up and down movement of the garage door. When a spring breaks the door needs to be opened manually. Most garage doors are very heavy, making it difficult, oftentimes impossible for most people to open on their own. This situation can be frustrating, especially if vehicles are stuck inside. Single garage doors usually have one spring and double doors have two springs. When we get calls to repair broken springs we often get asked the question, “Do I need to replace both garage door springs?” Here is some advice to help you answer that question.

The lifespan of a garage door spring is based on cycles. The standard spring is rated @ 10,000 cycles. Opening and closing the garage door 1 time = 1 cycle. There is no set number of years a spring will last. It all depends on the number of cycles that are used or how often you raise and lower the door.

What the spring is made of and how it was treated when manufactured does not determine the spring’s life expectancy. For example, some companies want to charge more for oil dipped, galvanized or powder coated springs. They will try to convince you that one will last longer than the other. We have found that isn’t true.
The important components to a spring’s lifespan are:
1. wire size
2. diameter
3. length

Unless you know when both springs were installed then it is impossible to determine how many cycles each spring has used. Even when installed at the same time one spring can outlast another spring by months even years. A torsion spring system can work just fine with one new spring and one old spring. Your professional installer can make the necessary adjustments so your door is balanced and runs smoothly. So, to answer the question, “Do I need to replace both garage door springs?” – no, you don’t need to replace both garage door springs at the same time.

Most garage door companies will offer a better price if you choose to replace both springs at the same time, so as far as cost is concerned replacing both springs is often a smart long-term financial move but it is not necessary if you prefer a lower cost up-front. About 50% of our customers choose to replace both springs solely to avoid the future cost of replacing the second spring down the road. Beware of companies who offer a “Lifetime Warranty” on springs. It sounds like a good idea but the annual required cost can be very expensive. Also, their “warranty” is void if another company services your door, if you move out, or if you forget and don’t service the door by the required date. Be careful before signing contracts associated with garage door springs.

When we are asked “Do I need to replace both garage door springs?” we usually leave it up to the customer. We at Anderson Garage Doors will advise you and answer any questions you have. You rely on our garage doors each day, therefore, it is crucial for your torsion springs to be installed properly. Don’t get stuck. Call Anderson Garage doors for all your spring repair needs: (435) 752-6677.


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