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We at Anderson Garage Doors are super excited to tell you about the Amarr Door Designer and Amarr Door Builder programs. These programs allow you to see how your home would look with any type of garage! You can do this by going to Amarr’s website, uploading a picture of your home, and then choosing from all different garage doors styles to see how they would look on your own home. You get to design your garage door and pick the perfect style and color that will enhance the exterior look of your home…and it’s free!
It’s super easy to design your garage door. I will walk you through each program separately. Let’s begin…

Amarr Door Builder:  (used without picture of your home)

1) Go to to find the Amarr Door Builder.

2) Click on “Garage Doors”.  A list of all the garage doors will pop up. A small bit of information is listed below each picture. Keep in mind that each door selection has multiple models, window selections and color options. It is not limited to only what the picture looks like. You will see more once you select a door.

3) Click on a door selection.

4) Above and to the right of the picture you will see a small oval that says “Door Builder.” Click on that.

5) Now it’s time to design your garage door. Begin by choosing a door design, window option, color, and construction (meaning non-insulated, vinyl back insulated, steel back insulated and door thickness). As you do this you will see you door design come to life. You can even add decorative hardware. You can go back and change your mind over and over until you have just the right door.

6) Below the door picture you will see a door summary. We suggest that you design a few different styles and record your choices. Now when you call your garage door dealer for a quote you will have all the information you need.


Amarr Door Designer:  (used with picture of your home)

1) Go to the Amarr Door Designer.

2) Follow the promptings (# of garage doors you have and size of your garage door(s))

3) Next you will upload a picture of your home. Be sure that your garage door is prominently showing in the picture or it won’t work.

4) Choose your door model and construction, panel design, window choice, color and decorative hardware. As you make these choices the door automatically appears on the picture of your home that you uploaded. If you used the Amarr Door Builder then you will already have your choices recorded and ready to go, or you can just start fresh on this program.

5) Below the picture you will see a door summary.

6) Next you will be able to see a ‘before and after’ picture!  You will be surprised how much this helps in making the best decision. Once you are done you will have the options to print, save, or email it.

garage door designer


Amarr Door Builder and Amarr Door Design are awesome tools when you want to design your garage door. Not only is it beneficial to you but also to your contractor. You can actually see exactly what your door will look like on your home. I love the fact that you can go back and back again until you find just the perfect door. All the information is in one convenient place instead of looking through tons of brochures. It saves time and money because you truly understand what you are getting. We at Anderson Garage Doors are happy to help you design your garage door. Just give us a call and we will be there to answer any questions. Whether you’re building a new home or just updating an old garage door, these tools from Amarr make the process exciting and fun!


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