Choosing A Garage Door Color

garage door repair logan utahMore and more home owners are choosing a garage door color that makes their garage door stand out rather than blend in. Garage door manufacturers are now offering a much larger variety of color than in the past few years including many wood grain variations. Garage doors are often the largest entryway to most homes and is some cases are the most noticeable part of the home.  Using contrasting colors or multiple colors can make your garage door a beautiful addition to your home and add some much needed curb appeal.

Let your garage door color reflect your family’s personality!

Your home is an extension of your personality and the color of your garage door can say a lot about who resides there. As you drive through neighborhoods you will notice pops of color on front entry doors and shutters so why not add some new colors to your garage door? At Anderson Garage Doors we have many garage door colors to choose from, from white all the way to black and many in between! Choose a color that is larger than life, just a bit daring, or quiet and reserved! Pick a color that lets the world (or neighborhood) know who you are.

How do I know what color to choose?

One great tip is to stand across the street from your home and look at it from different angles. How will the sun and shade affect the color? Review you home as a whole including all exterior elements and the landscaping. Does it need to match the design of the home or can it have a look of its own? Many newer neighborhoods have restrictive covenants restricting which allow only a certain color pallet. One way to add a bit of a flare to your garage door is to use coordinating window inserts. Sometimes just a simple change can make a big statement.

Wood grain finishes add richness and beauty!

I’m so excited about the new wood grain garage door color choices. Our cold Northern winters are hard on real wood doors so wood grain steel doors are a great option. They come in a variety of colors and give homes a rich warm look and the curb appeal is amazing. Our many color options range from Light Golden Oak all the way to Dark Mahogany .  When choosing a garage door color, wood grain finishes are quickly becoming the most popular choice!

Can I get a two tone colored door?

Of course! The Amarr Classica Collection comes in many two tone options. Forty-two different options to be exact! They are beautiful carriage style doors that look even more authentic with the two tone paint. Check out your choices on our website! Click on the picture and a brochure pops up with all of the choices your heart desires. Choosing a garage door color just got a lot more exciting!

Of course, you can always choose to paint your garage door on your own. Ask a professional how to do this before starting. The possibilities are endless. Choosing a garage door color doesn’t need to be hard. Choose something that inspires you and reflects who you are. We at Anderson Garage Doors are here to help you. The right garage door design and color can greatly enhance the appearance of your entire home and help you be a stand out in your neighborhood!


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