Adding windows to your garage door brings light into your garage and enhances the curb appeal of your home. At Anderson Garage Doors you can choose from over 50 different window styles and many different glass options. Our decratrim inserts come to match the color of your door or you can mix it up and choose a contrasting color. We also carry tempered obscure glass with baked-on ceramic designs. The possibilities are endless! You can also choose a window style that matches the windows on your home. What if you already have a garage door but now want windows? We can take care of that for you. We just remove the section, add the glass and reinstall it!

Each door brand has windows specifically made for that door so it is important to know the make and model of your door, the dimensions, color and whether the door is insulated or not. Then you need to decide the placement. If you are looking for light but still want the most privacy then we will install the windows in the top section. If you want windows that allow you to look in and out of your garage then we will install them in the 3rd section. If you prefer this but still want the utmost privacy then we can add obscured glass.


For a modern industrial look check out our full view window garage doors like the Amarr Vista which offers 9 different glass choices including tinted glass. It’s not too late to add windows to your garage door. We will be happy to drop off brochures filled with exciting options. Transform your garage into a bright and inviting room and become the best looking house on the block!
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