It’s getting to that time of year when the days become shorter and the darkness sets in earlier. Many people are now using their garages as exercise gyms, workshops, and dens. If you are one of those people then you understand the importance of having a bright light in your garage. Adding natural light to your garage by installing beautiful window sections saves money on electric bills, enhances curb appeal and completely changes the atmosphere of the garage from dreary to a cheery bright space. At Anderson Garage Doors you can choose from over 50 different window styles and many different glass options.

Choose from Plain Lite windows with no design or Decratrim windows with inserts that match the color of your door. We also carry tempered obscure glass with baked-on ceramic designs. Want a unique look? Choose an insert that is a contrasting color to your door or matches the trim around the windows of your home. The inserts can also be painted. The possibilities are endless.

Add Windows To Any Garage Door

What if you already have a perfectly good garage door but now want windows? We can take care of that for you. We just remove the section, add the glass and re-install it or we can also just order you a new section to match the door you have. Each door brand has windows specifically made for that door so it is important to know the make and model of your door, the dimensions, color and whether the door is insulated or not. We at Anderson Garage Doors are experts at identifying what kind of door you have and can help you find windows that will work for your door model.

If you are concerned about privacy we have several solutions for you. If you are considering adding natural light to your garage but still want privacy then we install the windows in the top section- which is most common. But, the window sections can also be installed in the second section down allowing you to look in and out of your garage. For ultimate privacy choose an obscured glass. We have a large range of glass options: clear, satin etch, obscure, grey tinted, frosted and dark tinted.

Does a glass section take away from the R-value of the door? No. The R-value remains the same. You can order insulated and double strength glass if needed. Most garage door manufacturers charge the same price no matter what style window you choose but some manufacturers charge a different price per window style. Be sure to ask your garage door dealer the details so you know what all of your options are within your budget.

Let Anderson Garage Doors Help

Check out our blog “Design your Garage Door” to get instructions on how to use the Amarr Consumer Door Designer. Upload a photo of your home and then add windows. Then you can see how a new window section will look on your garage door. Print the images to share with family and friends and to use when getting pricing quotes. You will be amazed at how much adding natural light to your garage door will enhance the overall look of your home.

For exceptional residential and commercial garage door installation and repair, choose Anderson Garage Doors. Proudly serving all of Cache Valley, including: Logan, North Logan, Hyde Park, Providence, Nibley, Hyrum, Smithfield, Wellsville, Millville, River Heights, Richmond, Paradise, Amalga, Newton, Lewiston & Clarkston.

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