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For most home owners the garage is the largest and most prominent feature on their home. More than 75% of homes have garages that are located on the front of the home and face the street. This spring add beauty to your home by making your garage door a “natural” focal point.  How? Accent your garage door with flowers!  Here are a few fun ideas to add some color and natural beauty to your garage door.

colorful pots in front of house in Cache ValleyPots of Flowers–  Pots come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose something bold like Teal Blue, Orange or Red or a more classic color such as Black or White. Look at the style of your home and choose something that will compliment it’s aesthetic. Place the pots on each side of the garage door. If you have 2 or 3 garage doors place pots in between the doors also. Choose flowers that can handle the heat. Garage doors reflect the sun and can radiate heat to the flowers. Bright colored flowers really stand out next to a white or light colored garage door. Be creative!  Choose flowers that will multiply and fill up the pots!

Hanging Baskets– Another way to accent your garage with flowers is to use hanging baskets. This is super easy because you can buy the hanging basket already filled with flowers. No planting! Just attach hooks to the sides of your garage. You can also buy plant stands with hooks if you don’t want hooks permanently placed on your home. Again beware of the heat when deciding on your flower choice. Hanging baskets are your best bet for a low cost, easy accent.

Wreaths–  Most garages have accent lights on each side of the garage door. Hang an artificial or real floral wreath around each light.  A real floral wreath is a bit tricky to keep alive for long because the water drains off quickly.  If you choose an artificial wreath you can add twinkle lights to add a bit of sparkle! A wreath made of just green foliage looks beautiful against a stained wood door. Artificial wreaths are also economical because they can be re-used every year.

Potted Trees or Shrubs– A flowering tree of shrub adds color and is easier to maintain than flowers. A simple shrub on each side of the door can add sophistication and curb appeal. Choose a shrub or tree that grows tall, not wide. A bigger growing tree can be trimmed to frame the garage door. Colorful leaves and blossoms add that little bit of color needed to make your garage door stand out.

garage door trellis in Cache ValleyIvy– Consider planting an ivy or climbing plant that will eventually frame your garage door. This takes time but will last for years. Talk to your local nursery professional as to what kind of plant will adhere to your house and if it will be in the shade, sun or both. Some climbing plants have blooms, some have leaves that change to bright colors in the fall and others stay a dark lush green all year round. Whatever you choose it will make your garage a natural focal point.

Add a Trellis–  Adding a wooden trellis above a garage door is stunning. Even if you don’t add any foliage or flowers it looks amazing but the color of flowers against the wood adds a natural beauty that is hard to match. Flowers that grow across the trellis and naturally hang down between the wooden beams look the best. The grandeur of the trellis adds beauty to any style of garage door. It’s a bit pricey but well worth the investment if you really want to make a statement.

It’s the perfect time of year to accent your garage door with flowers! Check out our pictures for ideas or take a Sunday drive around town to get some inspiration from what others have done. Let nature work its magic by adding the color to your garage door this year!





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