mother's day gifts from Anderson Garage Doors

This year surprise your mom with a gift that will last for years. Any of these 6 unique Mother’s Day gifts will bring a smile to her face each time she goes in and out of the garage.

#1 New Windows

Brighten up a dark, dismal garage by adding windows. In most cases adding windows doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new door. All you need to do is change out the section and replace it with one that has windows. Anderson Garage Doors can help you with that. We are experts at identifying garage door brands and can make sure you get the same style and color. Choose from over 50 different deco trim window designs or try one of the beautiful baked on ceramic designs. There is also different glass options if privacy is a concern. Transform her garage into a bright and inviting work space all while adding great curb appeal!

#2 Decorative Magnetic Hardware

Completely change the look of her garage door with decorative magnetic hardware. Installation is easy and requires no drilling and no tools. Just set the hardware on your steel garage door and it stays put. She can change her mind as often as she wants and easily move the hardware to different areas on the garage door without leaving unsightly holes. You can order multiple sets, creating the look of an old fashioned double swing door, or leave it simple. You have many options including several different styles of hinges and handles, knockers or rings and clavos. Hardware can also be painted if she has a black door. The creativity is all up to her!

#3 Opener with MyQ Technology

We love the openers with this feature and so will your mom. Openers with MyQ technology will allow her to open and close her garage door from anywhere in the world using her phone! You can also set it to turn on and off your lights. This is perfect for the working mom who doesn’t want to worry about how her children will get into the house if she isn’t there. She can also let in family and friends with a simple click of her phone. Alerts will be sent to her mobile device, tablet and computer letting her know if the garage door is left open. Some openers also feature wifi and battery back-up so she can always get in even if the power is off!

#4 Mini Universal Remote

This mini remote is compact, portable and gives you quick and easy access in and out of your garage door. It has a sleek , professional design, is lightweight and can attach to strollers, bikes and backpacks. It’s perfect for runners and easily fits into pockets, purses or on keychains. This mini remote can be programmed to work with multiple openers and can also turn on and off her garage door lights. Out of our 6 unique Mother’s Day gifts, the mini universal remote is one of our most popular. Get one for your mom, and one for yourself!

#5 Insulation Kits

These easy to install lightweight , rigid insulation panels can be installed in any size non-insulated garage door. They have a maintenance -free white vinyl back that gives the garage a finished, clean look. Why would mom want this? They help to regulate the temperature of your garage , keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. They raise the R-value of the garage door, lower utility costs and help to reduce noise. This is a wonderful gift especially if the garage is her “she shed” or hobby work space!

#6 Overhead Storage Racks

Every woman loves a clean, organized garage. Clutter builds up when there isn’t enough space to put everything away. Overhead storage racks are an easy solution. These heavy duty racks are powder coated steel and can hold over 500 lbs. They are also adjustable so she can store lots of small or bulky items, including seasonal items. Storage racks allow her to see what she is storing and make it easy to put up and take down items as needed. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Whether you are a DYI-er or need us to help with installation, we hope these 6 unique Mother’s Day gifts will help you show your love for the mothers in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day from Anderson Garage Doors!!

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